How to Order?

Order Instruction

A.  From our online store, you can see all the products range in our menu. We also divide different kind of feature into several menus for your need. You can check which kind of window furnishing with the feature you need and click on it.

B.  After clicking on the menu, you can see different filters and option on the left side. These can help you find the product you need with a more convenience and better experience.
C.  To place order, please click on the product you need. D.  In the product page, you may see some fields to fill in (size range, width, height, etc.) They are all required field, please fill all the information correctly, so we can calculate the price accordingly and provide the exact product that you need.
E.  After finishing filling all the fields, you will see the final price in the bottom. Click on “Add to Cart” button to proceed the order.
F.  After adding all the products that you want into shopping cart, please click cart icon and click on “Check Out” button.
G.  In the checkout page, if you are a returning customer and didn’t login yet, please click on ”Click here to login” button to login. If you have a coupon, please click on “Click here to enter your code” to apply your coupon.
If you are new customer, please fill the billing and shipping details in below, and you may check the box of “Create an account” to become our member.
H.  After filling all the information, please check if you want to edit the product details. If everything is fine, check the box “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions” and click on “Place Order” button.
I.  Afterwards, you will get an order confirmation. We will dispatch your order once we receive your payment. Please send your transfer confirmation, we will proceed the shipment once we receive the confirmation. Many thanks for your order!