Alicante is a Spanish weaver specialising in Linen, produced in close collaboration with two other European partners. The long production process begins with French flax farmed in Normandy, which is then spun in Italy. Alicante completes the process with their specialist weaving know-how combined with a close understanding of how fabrics work in the interior space: “We explore the ways draperies change spaces and the quality of living. Each home and each moment need different fabric approaches. We are aware of that and so we design an extensive drapery collection ranging from transparent to opaque.”

Alicante LAHTI
Sanderson Dandelion clocks


Sanderson is the oldest surviving English soft furnishing brand, started by Arthur Sanderson in 1860. Their signature style is unmistakeable with its elegant hand-drawn patterns in vibrant colours: “Sanderson belongs in family homes where style matters but not at the expense of comfort.”

Sanderson Home

Sanderson Home is a collection of informal, welcoming fabrics for the contemporary home. Part of the Sanderson brand, Sanderson Home is fresh and relaxed.

Sanderson Home Papavera
Morris Strawberry theif


“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” said William Morris (1834-1896) in his most well-known quotation. The prolific member of the Arts and Crafts Movement is celebrated today in his decorative natural motif designs of timeless quality that never lose their appeal. Morris & Co.sits within the Sanderson brand where its legacy is maintained and built upon.

Edmund Bell

Edmund Bell is a UK-based company with a history dating back to their foundation in 1855 as an apparel supplier. World War II saw them become a major supplier of blackout fabrics before they focused on interior textiles in the post-war period. The companies’ offer has evolved into a market-leading range of curtains, blinds and sheers supplied to a global market.

Edmund Bell Discovery
Dekortex Delicate


Dekortex is a Netherlands-based textile company specialising in interiors and curtains. A meticulous approach is their guiding principal, as they say: “Every detail deserves our full attention, stitching finish, materials, colouring, style and atmosphere. A long process in which we do step by step, chapter after chapter, is the story of our collection. We focus continuously on the total cohesion, underlying thought and the meaning of our entire collection.”


Located in southern Germany, Gerster are the countries’ largest trimming and tassel manufacturer. In the 1980’s they added curtain production to their portfolio which has gone from strength to strength: “The Gerster collection combines with great sensitivity the latest trends and colors with strong selling classics. From soft pastels, earthy natural tones to bright Mediterranean colors: our collection is highly valued by interior design specialists worldwide”. We are proud to be associated with this long-established company dating from 1882.



Elementi is a leading brand of design-led window furnishing hardware products from Copenhagen, Denmark. Each product is a striking addition to any interior. Their design director Neil Harrison explains the Elementi philosophy: “We pride ourselves on high quality design, materials and workmanship to offer products that consistently delight our customers.”.